Monday, March 21, 2005

The making of a Political "crap storm" with a vegetable

One of the people I despise more than any other (Delay) entered the fray of the Schiavo mess in, what I'm sure is an attempt to change the focus from his evil doings to things more disgusting.

GOP Talking Points employed from Weblog DC's Inside Scoop mention the following outrageous points:

* This is an important moral issue and the pro-life base will be excited that the Senate is debating this important issue.

* This is a great political issue, because Senator Nelson of Florida - has already refused to become a cosponsor and this is a tough issue for Democrats.

* This legislation ensures that individuals like Teri Schiavo are guaranteed the same legal protections as convicted murderers like Ted Bundy.

View the full entry here - DC's Inside Scoop: EXCLUSIVE: GOP's Schiavo Talking Points Revealed In Full

How much lying and hypocrisy can one nation stand? Quite a bit actually:

Hypocrisy Recap:

1) Republicans stand for limiting government control in our personal lives unless it conflicts with their agenda.
2) Bush tackled a very similar issue in 1999 as Texas Governor and (I am no lawyer and this recap is a very rough summary of one section of the law) enacted law designed to allow HMO's the kill their patient if they decided that there was no hope of recovery.

Tally = Hypocrisy Squared