Friday, March 11, 2005

It's Only Just Begun - What the FED thinks about Bushonomics

According to a Reuters news piece by Andrea Ricci, Alan Greenspan appears to finally be taking a stand on his opinion of the current US budget. In an almost uncharacteristic flare, Greenspan told reporters yesterday that "the nation's budget outlook gave him pause."

Has he only just realized what we have all been saying about the Bush economy and how ludicrous it looks? Let's summarize:

Bushonomics Plan Details:

1) Spend More (WAR)
2) Earn Less (TAX CUTS)
3) Put Everything on Credit (DEFICIT)

I'll admit it is a little oversimplified, but this is "W" we are talking about here and a little simplification might just give him the edge he needs to understand the whole money thing.

Yahoo! News - Greenspan Says Worried on Budget