Wednesday, March 09, 2005

USA Next Sued for 25 Million Over Anti-Gay AD!

As I write this entry, John Aravosis is currently in court on this issue. I applaud the couple for taking this rabid group to court. Finally someone is fighting back against the rampant homophobia that runs unchecked in politics. These right wing nuts would be very upset if we used one of their pictures to promote GLBT tolerance and acceptance but have no qualms about using some anonymous gay wedding picture to whip up a media frenzy over gay marriage and the AARP opposing the Presidents social security plan.

As a side note, the group who created this ad is the same group involved in the "swiftboat veterans for truth".

John Aravosis of and Spokesman for Richard M. Raymen and Steven P. Hansen announced today on his website that his clients will be suing USANext a Right wing lobby group who used the couple's wedding picture without permission in a homophobic ad against the AARP.

The Press Release can be found here

A copy of the ad can be viewed online here