Thursday, March 10, 2005 Upsets Sean Hannity and comes under fire.

Sean Hannity seemed to become quite upset yesterday when he viewed a promo ad run by on their website. In the ad a Hannity bobble-head is run over by a car and smashed to pieces.

You can see Hannity's response here.

John Aravosis from America Blog who stars in the premiere episode, state on his website Tuesday that "the site has been inaccessible all day, and its looking increasingly like our friends on the right have successfully (and illegally) shut the site down. Our boys are still investigating, and it's still possible that the site has been so wildly popular that is what caused the problem (such a problem to have!), but nonetheless, many of us think that after Sean Hannity complained about on his show last night, one of his deranged followers might have done something."

As of today the site was still inaccessible, however you can view the premiere episode here.