Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Canadian Lawmakers Swamped With Anti-Gay MailFrom US

In a new article on [365 Gay] I learned that apparently meddling in other countries affairs is not only a Bush/Rove issue. It appears that American conservatives and evangelical Christians feel that they have the rights (or duty) to meddle wherever they feel, be it another state or another country.

I wonder how outraged they would feel if Canadians suddenly started lobbying our representatives for gay marriage? Outraged I’m sure, yet they are doing exactly this. It fascinates me that they can be such hypocrites and not even know it. How do they fool themselves into living a double standard while not even noticing it?

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that they have been deceived their whole lives and just accept fiction as fact if it must be taken on “faith”. Let me illustrate, your grandmother tells you that she sat down with the late Princess Dianna of Whales yesterday for tea and had a wonderful chat. Is she Crazy or does she have Dementia? Perhaps, but Dr. James Dobson tells you that he spoke to Jesus and was told that the whole gay marriage issue is bad and will lead to the end of the world. Is he Crazy or does he have Dementia? Probably, unless you have faith and believe.

There seems to be this huge double standard. Things which are not logically explainable or something which can be verified using the scientific method are valid and real if they are religious and you as a believer must take them on faith. Additionally, it does not matter what non-believers believe as they will be burning in hell soon. So save as many souls as you can so that you can get into Heaven by proselytizing to them and converting them to your religious beliefs without regard for their own beliefs.

Oh and of course PRAISE JESUS!