Tuesday, July 05, 2005

P-Town Fireworks

Last day in P-town. We catch the ferry at 3PM and arrive in Dallas at 10:50, if all goes well.

It’s sunny this morning and a bit warmer than last night. About 7 last evening the breeze picked up and it cooled down considerably. At about 9, we stood on the back porch of one of the rooms here at the B&B that faces the water and waited for the fireworks to begin. The wind was actually chilly. We sipped wine and drank Cape Cods, appropriate, huh? The fireworks were surprisingly good and had to have cost a fortune.

They shot the fireworks from a barge just off the pier. The harbor, where most of the sail boats are anchored, was between us and the barge. When the rockets exploded, the harbor lit up with whatever colors the firework produced. Most had several colors in succession, and the water, the boats and masts, and the pier itself glowed in the same sequence of colors, before fading again into darkness. Many of the rockets produced no real spray of color, but just a startling flash that lit the whole harbor followed a few anxious seconds later by a deafening retort, exploding across the water and echoing through the town behind us.

Our stay has been relaxing, refreshing, and fun. All in all a great break from Dallas.