Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Our last hours in Bariloche

We are in Buenos Aires, but cannot help thinking about Bariloche. It is
so unique, so beautiful, and so surprising. We thought we'd forward a
few shots from the last 24 hours in Bariloche. We will send a few from
BA tomorrow. For tonight, we are off to have wine with a friend then
dinner. Probably Italian since BA is know for that. Tomorrow, if the
rain lets up, we will walk the city and go to a leather factory for
jackets. Anyway, we miss Bariloche already. Let's hope the rain lets

The only sounds we heard in Bariloche at night were the falcons
screeching above the hotel. Here, there are horns blaring in the back
ground. And when we landed there was a protest at the airport. The
protestors all had deoms and five-gallon (or the liter equivalent)
buckets and they were pounding out ferociously obnoxious rhythms
chanting slogans demanding . . . Well we're not sure what they were
demanding, but the were not happy.

Did I say we miss Bariloche?