Thursday, April 07, 2005

Argentina Part I

We only just arrived after a 10 hour flight to BA and a two hour flight
to Bariloche. Bariloche is in the Andes on the western edge of
Argentina. It is snuggled up against an enormous slate-grey lake which
is itself surounded on three sides by mountains. The Andes are a
relatively young mountain range and, therefore, rugged and jagged. The
magnificant peeks seemeingly jutt up out of the water. It is early Fall
here and the mountains are already covered in snow and the lower hills
are dusted as well. We are off to a small Irish Pub and then on to
dinner at a restaurant known for "typical Patagonian fare." Whatever
that is. The hotel is on a hill overlooking the lake. It's starkly
modern architecture is in jolting juxtaposition to the traditional
chalet architecture of the early settlers who were mostly transplanted
Germans,Italians and Swiss whose roots were in the Europian Alps. Every
now and then you see the tiled roofs of the more traditional Spanish

The spelindid vistas from our room down the cliff and into the lake take your breath away and make you pause to admire the inherent beauty of the world.

Clint & Ed.